Roof Repairs – Reasons to Address Them Before Winter


Despite the fact that your roof is exposed to a high risk of damage all year round, the likelihood is that you do not pay much attention to its condition until a grievous issue crops up. And although some roof repairs may be simple to undertake, bear in mind that these problems can get severely aggravated the longer they are ignored. Thus, you might inadvertently find yourself in a situation whereby you need to replace your roofing. To avoid these exorbitant replacement costs, it is critical for you to stay on top of roof maintenance. In fact, it should be noted that roof repairs are most vital before wintertime rolls around. If you have never considered engaging in a thorough inspection before the cold sets in, here are some reasons why it is advisable to pay attention to your roof before winter.

Preventing the exacerbation of structural problems

One of the key reasons why it is important to have a roofing specialist inspect your roof before the winter is that you get a chance of catching any potential issues before they get an opportunity to get out of hand. What may seem like a minor problem, such as a couple of loose shingles, can quickly become a major catastrophe during the winter, as high winds can completely blow them off during the colder months. Moreover, once structural problems worsen, your residence also becomes exposed to an increased risk of leaks due to the frequency of rain and snow. Gutters and downspouts also have to be restored to tip-top condition if they are to provide you with optimal performance once the weather is predominantly wet. If you want to avoid a major roof overhaul during the spring, you should schedule an inspection to figure out all the repairs that your structure needs before inclement weather patterns make them considerably worse.

Preserving the energy efficiency of your home

During the wintertime, your home becomes more vulnerable to thermal loss. You may take measures to ensure that your home is draft proof, but if your roof is not in top condition, your entire residence will lose its energy efficiency. Not engaging in proper roof repairs before the winter translates into increased energy bills, as you will find yourself needing more artificial heat to keep the residence comfortable. Moreover, leaks in the roof expose your home's insulation to moisture, which could translate into the need to install new insulation in the spring. By investing in roof repairs, not only do you restore the integrity of your roofing, but you also ensure that the energy efficiency of your property remains intact too!


28 March 2018

Repairing or Replacing a Roof

Hello, welcome to my roofing blog, my name is John and I live in Alice Springs, Australia. I recently moved out here with my wife and two kids to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. We bought an old farmhouse and are in the process of renovating it. The place needs quite a bit of work. One of the biggest jobs so far has been sorting out the roof. It was missing a few tiles and I couldn't decide if we should try and repair it or if it would be better to have it repaired. Thankfully, my neighbour is something of an expert. He came and inspected the roof and recommended that we replace it. He explain how roofing works and the benefits of using different materials. I have learnt so much, I decided to start this blog.