Is a Metal Roof the Right Option for Your Home?


A metal roof has many advantages over standard asphalt shingles and other such choices, but some homeowners still aren't sure if it's the right choice for their home. If you are thinking of having a new roof installed, note a few considerations about a metal roof and then discuss this option with a roofing contractor so you make the best decision for your home.


A panel roof is just as it sounds; large panels of metal are crimped every few inches or centimetres to create trenches for water runoff, but the panels will look like metal. They can be painted or powder coated virtually any colour so they coordinate well with your home's brick or siding, or can have a reflective coating added to deflect sunlight and keep your home cool.

Metal shingles are shaped and formed to resemble Spanish roof tiles or asphalt shingles; they are cut at a much lower height and then applied over the row below so that they look just like shingles. They may even have a layer of aggregate added to the top, to more closely resemble asphalt. If you prefer something more traditional or if you want your home to look like other homes in the neighbourhood, metal shingles can mean the durability of metal but the look of asphalt.


If your older home needs a new roof and new insulation, but you can't afford both, you might consider investing in a metal roof. This material adds insulation to your home because of its larger, single panels that don't allow for air to get in behind individual shingles. There is also a layer of insulating foam added under the metal panels, and this can also add to the insulation of your home. You can then have the insulation your home needs by just replacing the roof, and you may be able to put off adding new insulation until you can better afford that work.

Surface materials

Asphalt tiles have a textured surface that may be safer for roofers walking over them, but which might also mean keeping snow and ice from sliding off the roof, and catching more sand, grit, and water on the roof as well. To protect your roof from potential damage due to the weight of snow or ice, or if your home is near a beach or in any dry and dusty area, you might prefer the slick surface of a metal roof versus the granular material of asphalt tiles.


28 March 2017

Repairing or Replacing a Roof

Hello, welcome to my roofing blog, my name is John and I live in Alice Springs, Australia. I recently moved out here with my wife and two kids to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. We bought an old farmhouse and are in the process of renovating it. The place needs quite a bit of work. One of the biggest jobs so far has been sorting out the roof. It was missing a few tiles and I couldn't decide if we should try and repair it or if it would be better to have it repaired. Thankfully, my neighbour is something of an expert. He came and inspected the roof and recommended that we replace it. He explain how roofing works and the benefits of using different materials. I have learnt so much, I decided to start this blog.