How to Prepare Your Drains For Winter


Every year, it is important that you take steps to prepare your home for winter. While your first thought might be about how to improve the insulation and lighting in your home, it is also important that you do not forget your roof. One area of your home which is particularly vulnerable during the winter months is the gutters. Below is a guide to the steps you need to take to prepare the gutters on your home for winter.

Inspect the gutters

Before winter arrives, you should use a pair of ladders to inspect your gutters. You should check that the gutters are in good condition and that they are not sagging or falling away from the side of the roof. If you notice any damage, you should call a professional roofing service and have the gutters replaced. During the autumn when the leaves fall from the trees, it is easy for your gutters to become clogged, causing water to begin to pool. The combination of rotting organic matter and standing water creates the ideal environment for mould to grow. You can prevent this problem by installing leaf guards on your gutters. Leaf guards are perforated plastic or metal shields which sit on top of the gutter. Because they are perforated, they allow rainwater to enter the gutter while preventing leaves from causing a blockage. 

Clean the gutters

Next, you should clean the gutters. Start by preparing yourself and making sure you have the right tools. You will need a ladder, a buddy to hold the base of the ladder, a trowel or other tool which can be used to scoop dead leaves from the gutter and a pressure washer. Once you have climbed the ladder, you should scoop out any dead leaves and debris before washing down the gutter using the pressure washer. You will need to repeat this process as you move along the length of the guttering.

Clean the downspout

The downspout is the pipe which runs vertically down the wall from the gutter to the drain. Some leaves and debris may be washed into the downspout ,where they could create a blockage. You should ensure the downspout is clean by directing the pressure washer down the top of the pipe, so any debris will be blasted away and washed down the drain. You should ask someone to watch the other end of the downspout to make sure the water is flowing freely into the drain.

If you would like further advice about cleaning your drains or if you feel you need some assistance in preparing your roof and drains for winter, you should contact a professional roof and drain service.


22 June 2017

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